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Where to paddle board in Cheshire?

Man paddle boarding river dee Chester
Our team have been paddle boarding for over 15 years and nothing beats the paddle boarding locations on our doorstep in Cheshire. Check out our guide to the top 5 paddle board places to visit in Cheshire.

Where can I go paddle boarding in the UK?

Where can I go paddle boarding in the UK?

This handy guide takes you through the top paddle board locations in the UK, along with the dos and dont's for visiting these areas.

South West

 - Cornwall - probably one of the more obvious coastal regions of the UK to visit with an abundance of bays and pretty beaches to explore during your visit. Check out the smugglers paradise of Gorran Haven in the South which is scattered with hidden inlets and coves to paddle into that were rumoured to be used as smugglers coves years ago.


-Cotswold Water Park - this self contained series of lake is an ideal place to visit if you are new to the world of paddle boarding, there is plenty of space to get on the water ways. 


-Norfolk Broads - another expansive series of waterways on the East coast that offers a great environment for beginners and intermediates alike. Be sure to check if a licence is required (see below for more info)


-River Dee - we may be biased as this is where we are based, but you couldn't visit the North of England and not visit the historic Roman city of Chester. The river that runs through the ciitty offers a spectacular route to paddle along with plenty of sights along the way!

Quayboards Top Tip

Along with coastal towns we recommend paddle boarding on any waterways or open areas near where you live. However, it is important to note that some canals and water ways require you to have a license to use them for SUP. Don't worry! Permits are easy to obtain and come at a minimal cost, to find out if you need one where you live visit the British Canal River Trust